Dwolla Payment Option

This is a new company seeking that has streamlined the online payment system, and they are already moving $50 million per month.  Using electronic bank to bank transfers, it is like paying by check only much quicker, simpler, and more securely.  Consumers contribute $50 BILLION per year in PROFIT to the credit card industry.  It's easy to create a Dwolla account (it works similar to PayPal, except the transaction fee is $.25 per transaction instead of 2-4%).  We all love our credit card perks - miles, rebates, magazine subscriptions, etc -  but guess who pays for it in the end?  We do, it simply drives up the cost of goods and services.  My business pays $7000-9000/year to the plastic payment industry, so I would like to offer us both an alternative to that.  Dwolla is like paying with cash, only it's instant, secure, paperless, and nearly free.

Here is Dwolla's web site:  https://www.dwolla.com/default.aspx

If you would like to use Dwolla to pay for your vacation rental,
email me Here.  I have a self-payment page Here where you can send money instead of putting a check in the mail.  Type the name of the house and dates of rental in the memo field.  I'll get an email notification and your reservation is complete.

New articles on Dwolla:

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"U.S. retailers and consumers pay about $50 billion a year for these fees, triple the $16 billion charged when the federation began tracking the fee in 2001. The federation estimates the fees drive up the price of merchandise, costing the average U.S. household $427 a year, up from $159 in 2001."

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